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Dec 12 2011

Subway Diaries “T”‘s modeled by the ‘bestest’ :)

One of the best “Subway Diaries” fans Ms Kelly Moses (CA), winner of the 2011 ‘The Subway Diaries Street Team Award’ & her rockin’ Pug, PAT – (who no one can upstage regardless of wardrobe )

Send in your pics of you modeling the fab “T” to & we’ll post!

xoxo & hugs from Heidi Kole & The Subway Diaries

Kelly Moses - winner of The Subway Diaries Street Team award modeling her rockin "T"& Kelly's rockin' Pug, Pat - upstaging us all! 🙂 #BuskingPug

Dec 08 2011

Obvious Under-Cover on the Uptown 1

So – I’m siting on the uber-crowded #1 train, headed uptown to Harlem to busk & this guy, in jeans & a sweatshirt, is standing by the pole in the middle of the train. His head is bobbing left-right-left-right & I hear what sounds like the faint crunching noise of a walkie-talkie. ( I can spot that noise a mile away) ME: “Is that I walkie-talkie I hear?” I said to the guy in the jeans. “Uh…Uh-huh” he whispered, half under his breath as if he had not wanted me to ask but instead to just go away. ME: “Are you a cop?” I said louder this time. His head bobbed back & forth faster now & nodded yes to me in between bobs. ME: (quite loudly this time) “Well, you should really turn that thing down, or get a different system or something, or else everyone will know you’re a cop!” The undercover cop shrunk down into his sweatshirt as if he wished he could just disappear. The train doors opened & shot the formerly, totally in control cop a huge smile as I hopped off onto the platform 🙂 #ows

Sep 14 2011

In the top 5% to be on a Times Square Billboard!

Please help me get there by making two clicks on this link! Vote button upper right hand side

PS you can vote once a day, every day ’till Sept 20th!

Thanks & keep you updated on our progress

This could be fun 🙂

May 10 2011

DStripped Launch Party featuring Review of “The Subway Diaries” this Saaturday!

Come on out & celebrate this Saturday @ 9:30PM @

Veranda Lounge NY
130 10th and 7th
New York, NY

The Cutting Edge magazine DStripped will be launching their first Print Issue for Spring/Summer 2011! Inside is featured a kick ass review of ‘The Subway Diaries” Stop on by, pick up your signed copy & enjoy the party!
Here’s their Youtube link for the launch:
Apr 02 2011

‘Adjustments’ Underground & quotes of the week

A lot of the buskers have noticed an increased police presence  underground, along w/ cops holding machine guns above on the street.  And, yes, I was ‘nabbed’ by the cops last week @ 59th St/ Columbus Circle.  So, we’ve surmised the latest ‘crackdown is due to us  being at  ‘war’ in Africa and that, of course, logically means no music underground in NYC, NY – Oh yeah, that makes perfect sense…

Which leads me to two favourite quotes of the week for the week – one from your s truly and the other from Rev Michael Beckwith.

“Let’s try the power of love vs the love of power…just for a minute and see what happens” ~ Moi

“When the ego loses, the soul wins” ~ Rev Michael Beckwith

Mar 13 2011

From my friend Saburo Horikawa on Japan & the Nuclear Threat – Pray….

As you all know, just last week Sab came to NYC and, as a sociologist, is now fascinated by the underground and followed me  in the subways with his camera for an evening at 59th Street. Now, just one week later, an 8.9 Earthquake and a Tsunami have hit Japan, and last night he shared the following with me on the severe nuclear threat that now looms over Sab, his family and his country. He and I alike are baffled at what it will take for the world to wake up. Please pray….& leave your thoughts and prayers here for him, his family & country as he does visit/read & tells me over& over how much everyone’s words mean to him…

“Dear Heidi:
Thanks for the reply. We are about 160 miles from the nuclear plants. What it means is that this threat is totally different from the Russian nuclear accident. One of the largest cities in the World is under the nuclear threat. Evacuation seems unrealistic. When the fatal nuclear accident occurs, there is almost no chance for us to survive. There is not much we can do here.

We are all very, very concerned about the troubles in nuclear power plants in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. I’ve always been against governments’ nuclear policy, and it is outrageously sad to see that my concerns become reality. I always have a very serious concern that the US and European countries have been reviving their nuclear power plants policies and have started to construct new ones. Haven’t we seen enough through TMI and Russian accidents?

I hope at some point the World will realize how fragile our present lives are.

Anti-nuclear movements have always been forced to fight loosing battles. Bob Dylan’s tune is ringing in my head: “How many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died?”

Please make music, Heidi. Sing this. Write a new song about this stupid poison power and the people who fought against it in vain.”

~Saburo Horikawa

Department of Sociology


Sab's Office after the Earthquake

Sab's Office after the Earthquake

Ghen is helping Sab after Earthquake

Feb 18 2011

‘Revolutionary’ Music & Missed Connections

We all had a fabulous time @ The Transit Museum’s “Missed Connections Party” on Valentine’s Day. I asked Luss to come too & in between my solo tunz we did our thing on the old fashioned platforms @ the event. Here’s a clip in case u missed the party! 🙂

Jan 03 2011

Dstripped offering chance @ Free Copy of The Subway Diaries!

Register to win an autographed copy of ‘The Subway Diaries’ ( featured in the holiday brag book and follow Heidi through her life in the subway culture of NYC.

Register @ !

The Subway Diaries by Heidi Kole. Heidi, originally from Washington, DC, often called a Renaissance woman, is a singer/songwriter, actress, dancer, voice-over talent, stunt person for film/TV and author. She lives her life avidly absorbing humanity and creating her art from her day to day observations…
Dec 28 2010

Fun times on air w/ Michael McFadden

Here’s my post Xmas interview on Michael Mcfadden’s radio show from Atlanta GA ( It’s a kickin’ banter between two Washington, DC natives about art, life and the journey. Hope you dig the conversation 🙂

Nov 21 2010

“The Subway Diaries” – A Foot Long Look At Another World

Heidi Kole takes us on a unique journey below the streets of New York City, with her book, “The Subway Diaries.” The treat the reader gets is that the book really is not about being underground. It’s a personal journey of discovery, deep inside of her soul, which surprised her with a new vision of her art and her life.

For those who have never been in the New York Subway system, her writing paints an accurate and detailed picture of the life there..not the life of those passing through, but the life of those who are share their music and their lives….for tips. Ms. Kole is an important voice, for you can’t really understand the scope of New York City without including the Subway system and the life that exists there.

“The Subway Diaries”, in a way, is history….the personal history of one author that represents so many people who have passed through these famous tunnels of The Subway System, is a truth..her truth..her life…and to document that life is as important if not more important, then creating the Transit Museum.

I highly recommend “The Subway Diaries”. It’s different and It’s personal and it’s actually happening today and tomorrow and probably everyday that New York continues to thrive. Our lives are enriched by the music and art that spontaneously presents itself underground. For, in each and every performer, we can see ourselves. ~ Jennie Walker