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Dec 10 2010

Union Square Busque & impromtu visit to “The Subway Diaries” @ Barnes&Noble

After a Union Square busque – Poet Minor & I decided to pay an impromptu visit to “The Subway Diaries” @ Barnes & Noble. And in the few minutes we were there ran into quite a few fans. Yay B&N! 🙂 (Photos – Poet Minor)

Union Sq Busque

Barnes&Noble Union Square w/ Subway Diaries & fans

B&N & The Diaries & fan

Impromptu signing @ B&N, NYC NY

"The Subway Diaries" @ Barunes & Noble in NYC

Union Square MUNY Busque

Winter Busquing

Jammin' @ Union Square

Happy w/ "The Subway Diaries" @ B&N

Me & some fans @ B&N

Barnes & Noble w/ "SD" fan who was interested in doing documentary of story

Barnes & Noble @ impromptu holiday signing

Happy Holidayz! “la la la la la…”

Nov 02 2010

Quote of the week ~

sapphonica@heidikole thanks Heidi 🙂 your book arrived yesterday! It’s shiny, haha!

…note from my Twitter  friend Holly Mae  in Cardiff,  Whales re her newly ordered copy of “The Subway Diaries”. We’re all about the shine! 🙂

Sep 09 2010

Heidi Kole on the Downtown “A” singing Bill Withers cover, “Use Me Up”

Sep 09 2010

Lay Me Down With Your Hands